Win Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead!

So, for all of you ladies (and gentlemen) who clicked this post hoping you would get to win a date with that hunky of savage love Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes… this is not exactly that. No, this is a really awesome contest! The Good Folks at Static Free TV have given us a Rick Grimes 10-Inch MacFarlane Action Figure! This is a HUGE prize for you hard core Walking Dead Fans, who want to show off to all your friends!

Here is how you win it! Simply click this link to sign up for our Mailing List! That’s it! Or you can click the Subscribe link in our menu. There is often a BROWN bar too a the top of the page, you can use that as well.

We send out little notes about our show and notices when new posts go up on the website. Nothing major! And we 100% NEVER sell or share your information with anyone. We can guarantee that!

One lucky DEAD FAN will be selected at Random to receive this awesome Prize! Maybe it will be you! A Minium of 50 people MUST sign up to the new letter before we hold the the drawing! If 1000 people sign up we will give away a second Rick Grimes 10-Inch Action Figure!

We will announce our winner on Episode 44 of Dead Fans Talking! This is going to be our POST MORTEM on Season 5 of The Walking Dead! So, subscribe now!

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