Angry Life Coach

ALC General Logo 1x1 v1The Angry Life Coach was the second series that Mick Montgomery created after the award winning success of The NoHo Show. Angry Life Coach was carefully developed with Ellen Dimler, who also stars in series. The Angry Life Coach is an Original Web Series about BETH WAINWRIGHT, a life coach. Beth is a woman who has the unfortunate job of teaching some fairly interesting folks the skills they need to live a better life. But Beth is human, like you and I are human, and sometimes she gets fed up with all the Bull S**T and just tells it to you like it needs to be told to you. She tells the truth, are you ready for it? The series features guest starring roles by Scott Golden, Molly McGolgan, Noelle Kenny, Eric Seppala and Fran Montano. The Series debuted in 2013, and you can check it out at Angry Life Coach.