Stormcast Logo v2Stormcast: A  Heroes of the Storm Podcast was created by Mick Montgomery and Jesse Kobayashi almost IMMEDIATELY after Blizzcon 2013! The response to the unveiling of Heroes of the Storm was so incredible that both Jesse and Mick decided that show as definitely in order. So, they made one. Stormcast is produced every other week and distributed on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. The show covers the latest in Heroes of the Storm News and Rumors. Also, each week they feature a specific Hero from the game so you have a firm grasp on how that Hero can fit into your game play. Also, if you are NEW to the Moba Genre of games, you will find the Level 1 segment for New Players extremely helpful! Finally in the MATCH OF THE WEEK! Jesse and Mick cover some of the great matches of the week, or put on their SHOUTCASTING hats and give a go! Check out the website for more details, and follow Stormcast on Twitter!s