We know what it is like to think big. We know what it is like to see a story clearly in your mind. We understand that burning desire to produce a show. We also know that it is incredibly challenging to take a project from idea to completion. So, we are here to help. You can retain our services for long projects or you can pay us by the hour to help you construct, edit and refine your project. Check out our services below. Let us help you make your project the best it can be! Continue reading for more information and feel free to Email us to chat about your project. Let’s do this together!


So you had this great idea for a show or project, and you are pretty sure it is going to be awesome! However, your are the only person who knows how awesome it is. Looks like you might need a second opinion, before you take that next step toward production. The good news is we have been making shows for a long time, and we think we know how to make a story great. We can provide you notes and advice on your project, script or show outlines in the early stages of creative development. You cannot create in a vacuum. You need input and critique. However, you also need that to come in a safe, nurturing and constructive manner. We have been where you are at, and we can help you without discouraging you. Our goal is to be YOUR greatest cheerleader as you create the foundation for your project.


So you have this script, or you have this show outline, and you know it is going to be great. So, what the heck do you need to do to get this thing out of development and into Production? Well, the good news is there are a lot more resources at your disposal than you think. You just need someone to point you in the right direction and coach you a bit as you discover these new tools and learn how to use them. We can provide you with resources, equipment references, trusted vendors and information on how to make your project a reality. We can also connect you with other talented artists and technicians who will help you take your project the very best it can be.


Media is growing. Everyday, more and more companies are adding media components to their messaging and marketing strategies. However, sometimes negotiating a path forward can be pretty daunting. Especially when you are busy trying to run a business. Let us help you understand how you can use social networking, blogs, videos, and podcasts to your advantage to give you a marketplace edge and help you engage your customers and clients with eye catching and information rich media. We can help you chart a path forward and provide you advice on how to take those next steps. We can also manage aspects of your media platform so that you can focus less on media and more on your company.