The Starting Zone will Reveal a New Co-Host LIVE 4/6 @ 9pm PST!

Get Hyped! The Starting Zone Returns this Monday April 6th @ 9pm PST!

The big news this week! We are REVEALING one of our New Co-Hosts for the show! The REVEAL will take place LIVE on Twitch! And of course, if you cannot make it LIVE it will be revealed during Episode 112! Who will it be? Well, we will not tell you now, Silly! It’s a surprise! There will be some NEW STUFF too!

We will talk about some World of Warcraft! If you would like to send in a question or a comment for any of these shows you can do so number of ways! You can TWEET us on Twitter! We also have a Facebook Page, so feel free to put up a post there with your Question or Comment You Can Also Email Us!

Don’t forget to send in your Round Table Topics! If we pick your topic, you win a FREE T-shirt from! We are partnering with to celebrate the launch of their BOSS BATTLE Loot Bundle! Check them out, and use the promo code SPAZBOT for an additional 15% off!

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