The Starting Zone Seeks New Hosts!

Hey, do you like playing World of Warcraft? Scratch that, do you LOVE playing World of Warcraft? Then we might have the opportunity for you! The Starting Zone: a World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players is seeking to add permanent hosts to the show. The show recently celebrated is 100th Episode with a bang, and continues to be ranked 5 Stars on iTunes. We are also featured in the top 10 Podcasts searched on iTunes for World of Warcraft! We have made the decision to add hosts to the show in order to diversify the points of view we offer to our audience. Mick Montgomery and Jesse Kobayashi will continue to join in the weekly fun (don’t worry). Male and Female applicants are welcome to apply!

We are seeking Hosts with the following qualifications:

  • A Huge Passion and Love for World of Warcraft
  • Desire to have fun and talk about World of Warcraft
  • Active Account with a Level 100 Character
  • Availability to Record in the Evenings @ 9pm Pacific Standard Time!
  • Functioning Computer with Head Set, Webcam and Microphone with Skype up and running.
  • Internet Service Provision at the home.
  • Previous experience Hosting a Show or Podcast preferred, but not required!
  • Previous experience creating web contnt for World of Warcraft preferrred, but not required!

Generally, the show records every other Monday at 9pm Pacific Standard Time! Co-Hosts are expected to be present 15 minutes prior to record time for Microphone and Sound Checks. Co-Hosts are expected to also participate in writing the show by adding news stories or topics to the show notes!

Here is what you need to do to apply! Step 1 Emails us! Click on this Link to Email Us! Step 2, tell us a bit about yourself! Here is what you should include in your email!

  • Tell us about yourself (name, age, where you live).
  • Tell us about your time playing World of Warcraft (when you started, what toons you play, do you raid, do you pvp, do you Transmog?).
  • Tell us WHY you would like to be on The Starting Zone.
  • Tell us about any previous Content Creation Projects (a blog you wrote, a previous podcast you appeared on, maybe a Facebook Group you ran).
  • Tell us about your computer set up! (Computer, Head Set, Microphone, Webcam and if you know it, Internet Bandwidth Speeds)
  • Tell us your proudest moment as a World of Warcraft Player!

***If you have been on our show before, you don’t need to fill in any of this, just email us and let us know you are interested!***

Based on your emails we will select candidates to appear as a Guest Host on the show! This will be sort of a try out! From there, we will determine the best permannt fit for the show!

What do you get out of this? That’s a great question to ask! If you do not have previous experience Podcasting, you will be shown HOW TO PODCAST from a group of folks with over six years of podcasting experience. Revenue sharing is also a part of the deal as well! We discuss what that means more in depth with the applicants. Thanks for reading this blog post! We are excited to meet each of you in the coming weeks and hear about your stories playing World of Warcraft!

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