The Starting Zone Announces a New Co-Host!



This article was originally posted this morning at Some details have been edited based on podcast release schedules.

After months of searching, after dozens and dozens of submissions, a lot of terrific conversations and recorded podcasts, we are pleased to announce our new co-host for The Starting Zone, Alt from Alternative Chat!

Alt is an incredibly well seasoned World of Warcraft Player for over10 years, 9 of which she spent as a GM for her guild. She mains a hunter, and she has an incredible knowledge about this game both inside and out.

Alt is also a veteran content creator having written the very successful Alternative Chat Blog, as well as hosting her own podcast Azeroth in 5. She is also a co-host of fellow Signals Media All Star Network Podcast, Extended Maintenance!

“We are damn lucky to have her join the show,” said Co-Host and Executive Producer, Mick Montgomery, “She brings a real professional approach to the show along with a real levity and fun that I think is just fantastic for our listeners.”

Alt’s first official podcast with the show recorded on April 6th, 2015, and the response in the chat room as she mad her debut was incredible. That enthusiasm carried throughout social media the following day! The first episode with Alt is up! It is episode 112!

Lastly, to all of you who applied, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your stories, passion and willingness to go along on the jouney with us! Your paricipation is a testament to the fact that there are some incredible people who play this game!

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