Would you Listen to the Super Heroic #Podcast?

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At Spazbot Studios we like to make shows and projects about the stuff we really love. Growing up we REALLY Loved Comic Books! Seriously, we REALLY loved Comic Books. We attacked them with voracious appetities, and would impatiently watch the stands at our favorite comic book store for the latest issues of our favorite books to come out! We also really loved Movies and Television Shows! We spent hours in dark theaters or would stay up late at night to watch our favorite shows!

Hollwyood in their infitine Wisdom has pulled a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup like miracle off! Now Our Comic Books are mixed in with our Films and TV Shows! Yep, some of the VERY BEST stuff out there today on the Big and Small screen are based off comic books! Chances are YOU already know that! So, that’s what Super Heroic is about! We are going to cover Comic Books that are adapted to movies and television shows! We will tell you if we like them. We will tell you how they are different from the books. We’ll analyze the latest trailers and teasers. We will be your one stop source for this growing trend in Entertainment. We will also talk about comic books we are reading right now as well as  some News and Rumors from time to time.

Does this sound like it’s up your Alley? Feel free to VOTE in the POLL below! Based on your feedback we will start putting this baby straight into Production!

Would You Listen To Super Heroics?

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