Super Heroic Launches July 29th, 2015!

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The time has arrived to debut a BRAND NEW Podcast from Spazbot Studios! SUPER HEROIC, a podcast about Comic Books that Turn into Movies and TV Shows, is ready for its grand reveal. After a TON OF WORK behind the scenes, interviews with guest co-hosts, meetings with composers, and late night calls with graphic designers the TIME has arrived to debut SUPER HEROIC!

Officially SUPER HEROICwill Debut July 29th, 2015! However, rumor has it an episode ZERO will debut a bit earlier than that! Mick Montgomery, Founder of Spazbot Studios, had this to say about the Project and its debut.

“We are very excited to finally bring SUPER HEROIC to Light. This is a labor of love project no doubt about it, and in many ways its the show I most wanted to do under the Spazbot Studios Banner. I think this is an awesome time to be a fan of comic books and a lover of great television and feature films. We want to do a show that talks about this incredible time. SUPER HEROIC is that show.”

SUPER HEROICwill have an innovative format. Each episode should be 10 – 20 minutes long and each week listeners can expect 3 – 4 episodes. Yes, you read that correctly, 3 – 4 episodes a week. And that is not even counting the potential bonus content in the works.

Super Heroic will be available on iTunes and Stitcher as well as where all other awesome podcasts are downloaded and consume. If you want the latest information on the show feel free to visit the website or follow the show on TWITTER!

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