Stormcast Takes It Up a Notch with a New Host!

Spazbot Studios is proud to welcome Notch from Another Notch Gaming to the hosting Team for our Heroes of the Storm Podcast, Stormcast! Notch has been streaming game play since he was able to join Technical Alpha earlier this year and he has not looked back, building up his followers and delivering awesome streams several times a week, “My first stream was June 1, 2014 since then I have streamed 6 nights a week and have just over 1200 followers. It started as a crazy hobby that I am hoping it turns into something more. Being able to interact with and entertain others is an amazing felling.”

Notch was an early believer in Heroes of the Storm from the very beginning when he saw the game unveiled at Blizzcon 2013, “My first experience with Heroes was at Blizzcon 2013. I waited in line for 4hrs to play the demo and I knew I would be hooked. I did a lot of praying to RNGesus and got my invite to Alpha in April. It is one of the first MOBAS that has got me hooked. I cant stop playing!!!”

Notch Headshot v1

Like most players who find themselves producing content for a game they love, doing the stream has changed how Notch sees not just Heroes of the Storm, but video games in general, “Streaming has made me look at gaming in a whole new light. In the past I would game to escape the crazy day to day of being a father of 3. Now its not only an escape but I have been able to help others with strategies and answer questions about the games I stream. It’s an incredible experience to interact with viewers and gamer nerds like myself. “

Notch steps into a vacant chair left behind by Stormcast co-creator and executive producer, Jesse Kobayashi, who had to step away from the show this Fall do to scheduling conflicts, but Notch is eager to step in and add a new dimension to the show, “I think i’m more excited about this than the birth of my first kid… All joking aside, It’s an amazing experience. Heroes of the Storm is an incredible game and I want to share my knowledge and my excitement with everyone I can. Thank you Mick and Spazbot for this incredible opportunity.”

Mick Montgomery, founder and executive producer of Spazbot Studios and co-host of Stormcast is also very excited to have Notch on board, “We have this saying about Spazbot Studios ‘Good Shows, by Good People’. And I really believe Notch fits that mode. The first time we spoke in person, I had this feeling that the show would just get better because he was on it. He is not only a guy with a lot of game knowledge (which we need), but he has a passion for the game. Blizzard fans are smart. They expect the creators of a show about their favorite games to match their own excitement for the game, and if that individual doesn’t, they’ll let you know about it. And, also, he’s a really nice guy. It’s been good to get to know him more and more through this process. I feel we are lucky to have him on board.”

Notch Game Play v1Notch is pretty easy to find online. You can watch his stream over at his Twitch Channel. You can also find him on Twitter. We recommend you do that so you can know when he jumps on the stream! If you want to hear Notch on his first ever appearance on Strormcast, check out Episode 20 of Stormcast! Also, Rumor has it Notch and Mick will be getting together this year at Blizzcon to record a show LIVE from the Floor this year! So, be sure to check the podcast shortly after the conclusion of Blizzcon for that show!


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