Stormcast Adds Willie “Dills” Gregory as a Full Time Host!

Dills & Stormcast

Stormcast officially announced that the Regular Hosting Team has expanded! Willie “Dills” Gregory joins the Stormcast Team as a Full Time Co-Host! The announcement came during the live record for episode 59 of Stormcast!

“This is a really exciting time for the Spazbot Studios and for Stormcast,” says Mick Montgomery, Founder of Spazbot Studios. “I have had the pleasure to interview Dills on a number of occassions for both Stormcast and The Starting Zone, and he is just great to work with. So, when the idea came up about him doing Stormcast, we instantly felt it was a good move for the show.”

Willie “Dills” Gregory is of course all too familar with Blizzard Properties and Heroes of the Storm. He is currently the co-host on the most popular World of Warcraft Podcast “The Instance” as well as the most popular Hearthstone Podcast “The Angry Chicken”. He also spent some time hosting “Into the Nexus” a Heroes of the Storm Podcast. He brings a wealth of knowledge about gaming in general, and has become quite the popular streamer on Twitch.TV!

This is yet another big victory for Stormcast in an already impressive 2015. The show is now over a year old having recently passed it’s 50th episode Mile Stone, as well as launching its Patreon Account! Notch and Mick were both invited by Blizzard to both the Heroes of the Dorm Finals and the Launch Event for Heroes of the Storm in Los Angeles. “The Growth of the show since Notch joined the team has just been amazing,” said Mick Montgomery, “Last year at this time, the show was struggling to find an identity and community, and to be honest, I was debating just shutting it down. Once Notch joined the show, he injected this amazing passion for the game. As a producer his energy helped me center in on the show’s over-all approach. Since then we have just continued to work hard to put out good content, and it shows as the listener base has grown of 1000% since the beginning of the year.”

Stormcast hosts Mick Montgomery and Notch head to Las Vegas this weekend to cover the America’s Championshiop for Heroes of the Storm the final step for North American, South American, Australian, and South East Asian teams before the Final at Blizzcon. The entire team will then head to Blizzcon in November where they will appear together on-stage at World of Podcasts part of the Con Before the Storm!

If you are interested in checking out the show make sure you head to and follow our Twitch Channel, so you can check us out when we record the show Live!

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