Major Changes At Spazbot Studios

Spazbot Studios Changes

I founded Spazbot Studios in 2014 with a few simple guidelines. I wanted to work with Awesome People, and we wanted to produce really good shows. That was pretty much it. Over the years, we shifted the focus to building an audience. We ended up building a community of terrific listeners and viewers. This year we celebrated our two year anniversary, and we broke new records across the board in terms of engagement. There are a lot of reasons to be grateful. We certainly are grateful.

However, sometimes change happens, and change is coming to Spazbot Studios.

I (Mick Montgomery) am stepping down as Executive Producer and Co-Host of Both The Starting ZoneStormcast. That is probably very shocking for a lot of you, and there will be a lot of questions. Hopefully, I can answer them in THIS BLOG POST that I put up over on my personal site. So, feel free to check it out. Rest assured, I am stepping down for all the right reasons.

Josh “Another Notch” Cornwell is also stepping down as Co-Host of Stormcast. Notch joined the show in 2014, and he was an integral part of the show’s rise to one of the top Podcasts on iTunes for Heroes of the Storm. Notch’s hard work on his personal stream attracted the attention of several companies and gaming studios. He made the tough decision to pull back from the Heroes of the Storm scene this year and focus on different games. In the end, that was the best decision for him, and his career has benefitted from that decision. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Notch for ALL his hard work on Stormcast. He is a terrific person to work with. We wish him the very best. I am glad to call him my friend, and I am happy for all the good things coming his way.

Alt from Alternative Chat will also step away from her Producers / Co-Host Duties for The Starting Zone, when I end my run on the show. Alt came to The Starting Zone at a crucial time in the show’s history. She brought a tremendous about of talent and a powerful voice and years of play experience to the show. The show was better because of it. She has her own goals to pursue, and in many ways I am excited to see her continue on with her own projects moving ahead. She has a tremendous passion for World of Warcraft and the people who play it. It has been a pleasure and an honor to create the show with her.

So, what will happen to The Starting Zone and Stormcast? Is this the end? I know it would seem that way to you folks. I have been the stable voice of each show since they launched.

Details are being worked out for each show moving forward. As Executive in Charge at Spazbot Studios, I would love to see them continue on in some way shape or form. So, we are working out the logitics internally at this time with the hope that each show will move forward with New Co-Hosts. We are not ready to make any official announcements. However, all hosting changes will be wrapped up before August 18th, 2016.

Stormcast will have (2) more shows. This week on August 3rd, Dills and Mick will be joined by Special Guest Jon Jagger. Then Notch will return for one Final Show on August 8th, 2016. After that, we don’t know yet.

The Starting Zone has several as of yet un-released episodes, which will be coming out over the course of the next three weeks. The Date of my last official shows in un-determined at this time, but most likely it will be before August 18th, 2016. After that, we don’t know yet.

I will continue to Executive Produce and Host Dead Fans Talking & Super Heroic. Schedules for those shows will remain in tact. I may take a temporary hiatus from them, but I anticipate that by mid September everything will be right back on track.

I understand that for many of you this is not the news you were hoping to read about the Studio. I understand a lot of you will have a ton of feelings and questions. You can obviously reach out to me on twitter or send me an email. Whichever you prefer. Just know this. These changes are the result of great things that have happened over the last several months. I will share more details soon.

Also, I think in order for Spazbot Studios to grow, I need to take a step back from production, and allow other talented people to step forward and start creating good content. I think the future for Spazbot Studios in yet to be written. Perhaps some of the best content is still yet to have been made. Time will tell.

Lastly, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU! I want to thank you for your support of the Studios! Your kind thoughts, awesome feedback, and participation have been the reason we have been able to do what we have done in the last two years and change. Thank you so very much for being the best damn group of Spazbots a guy could ever want.

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