Spazbot Studios YouTube Channel is a GO FOR LAUNCH!

Spazbot Studios, a Los Angeles Based New Media Production Company, is proud to announce the official launch of the Spazbot Studios YouTube Channel! The YouTube Channel has actually been in use for a while and has gradually been posting videos in preparation for launch!. The Channel current features several shows for the nerd adjacent fanboy or fangirl!

First, all podcasts currently streaming live will post their videos to the YouTube Channel! This means you can not just listen, but now you can watch shows like The Starting Zone, Stormcast and Dead Fans Talking! Also, all episodes of Spazbot’s streaming video game show Noob-A-Tron are also available for you to watch!

Lastly, in celebration of the launch, Spazbot’s scripted comedy web series, The Angry Life Coach, has been re-released on the Spazbot YouTube Channel to celebrate the one year anniversary of that shows first release on its own channel!

“We are excited that we can provide new ways for folks to get ahold of the podcasts, streaming and scripted shows we do!” said Mick Montgomery, Founder of Spazbot Studios, “Video is obviously a big part of the new media experience, and we are excited that we now have a space on the YouTube platform to share our videos with everyone! Our hope is that our viewers will also share the videos with their friends, so we can grow this humble little operation into something big!”

Spazbot Studios was launched in March of 2014! Currently, it has three podcasts in production as well as several video series in development!

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