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This maybe the WEIRDEST title we have ever written for a Blog Post, but it is true. So, first off, there is not some sort of staff rebellion going on. Long Story Short, we now have a Spazbot Studios DISCORD which you can access by going to

“What the heck is Discord?” you ask.

Let me explain what DISCORD is first, and that will clarify a few things! I will also apologize up front, because this will be the most tech nerd blog post ever.

A Lot of Gamers will know about voice apps like Ventrillo or Mumble. Small discreet apps that connect you to a voice server so you can chat with your fellow players as you play games have been around for years. Now you console gamers will no doubt say, “Wait is this like XBOX LIVE voice chat?” Yes, it is exactly like that, but for PC users.

Last year a new company jumped into the fray with an app that was both web based and local client based. It also incorporated another pretty cool feature, text channels like the app SLACK. Slack is a text based communication tool billed a replacement for email. Is it really? No, but we use that too for internal stuff at Spazbot Studios. It is neat. The last cool feature was the mobile apps for your phone. This company is DISCORD.

Essentially Discord does a couple of things well. It allows us to have a place for folks to meet and chat while they play games. It gives a place for folks to talk to us without using twitter or email. And lastly, it essentially gives us a FORUM Site without having an actual forum site, which I find to be gross. Anyway! This is yet another community facing tool. A place for you to hang out and have some fun, and interface with us! We look forward to getting to know you even more!

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