Spazbot Is Looking For Awesome People!

Hey all you folks interested in participating in a podcast or learning more  about the PODCAST process. Well, you are in luck! Spazbot Studios is looking for awesome folks to join the team as producers and chat room moderators! If you have ever wondered how awesome podcasts get made, or have wanted to participate in a podcast, then this is your opportunity to jump in on a super fun couple of shows! We are looking for the following for both THE STARTING ZONE and STORMCAST! These are our TWO show that cover BLIZZARD VIDEO games. So, if you like Blizzard, you like podcasts and you like the idea of working on an awesome show… well then this is your lucky day!

PRODUCER! What is the producer supposed to do? Well, help us with show research and writing the show notes. Help us coordinate potential guests for the show, and just help get the show made!

CHAT MODERATOR! What does this person do? Well, your job is to watch the chat room, make sure folks are having a good time, welcome guests, and encourage positive and fun conversations, and you get to wield the BAN HAMMER on those who deserve it for being a big doof or worse! The shows STREAM / RECORD between 8pm and 11pm PST every other Sunday!

If you are interested in joining the TEAM use our Contact page to let us know what you would be interested in doing for the show!

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