Enjoy Your Holidays & Happy New Year!

Spazbot Holiday 2015

Howdy Spazbots! We have a had a tremendous year at Spazbot Studios! Wow, so much incredible moments! We had an awesome Holiday Show to close out the year, and we are still putting out new episodes this week from STORMCAST and SUPER HEROIC! However, after our last Podcast Drops in 2015 we are done until the new year! Here is when we will return!

Stormcast will record LIVE 1/5/2015 @ 8pm PST and episode 77 will be released later that week!

The Starting Zone will record LIVE 1/10/2015 @ 9am PST and Episode 142 will make it into the wild later that week!

Super Heroic will record LIVE 1/10/2015 @ 8:30pm PST and new Episodes will be released later that week!

Dead Fans Talking will resume in 2015, but at a still undetermined time frame, but potentially mid-January!

A Very Special Year End SPAZBOT SIGNAL will go up on or YouTube Channel During the Holiday Break and it will be available on all the Podcast Feeds in Audio Format!

As for the GAP, well, we need to rest our engines, spend time with family and friends and just take a break! We also have to make sure the TABLE is set for an awesome 2016! Stand By for more Good Shows by Good People!


Spazbot Holiday Show 2015


We are so excited to wrap up an AMAZING 2015 with a VERY SPECIAL SPAZBOT EVENT! That is right! For the first time ever, we bring you fine folks the “SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC HOLIDAY SHOW”!

The Show will take place December 12th, 2015 @ 7:30pm PST and it will broadcast LIVE from out Twitch Channel! http://twitch.tv/spazbotstudios!

This amazing show features your favorite HOSTS FROM EVERY SINGLE Spazbot Studios Show! OH, AND PRIZES! That’s right there will be amazing Prizes that we give away to PEOPLE IN OUR CHAT ROOM! Our good friends at Jinx.com and Gunnar Optiks have hooked us up with some AMAZING prizes for our awesome listeners and viewers! We will be giving away!


We have had a truly amazing year, and we want to celebrate all of this awesome WITH YOU. Don’t Worry! We know not ALL of you awesome SPAZBOTS can join us that night, no worries! We do not want you to miss out on a chance to get some PHAT LOOT! We are going to give away a pair of GUNNAR OPTIKS PPK Glasses to one of you folks as well! All you have to do is simply send an email, tweet or leave a facebook comment for ANY of your favorite Spazbot Shows (Stormcast, The Starting Zone, Dead Fans Talking or Super Heroic)! Use the Hashtag #SpazbotHoliday and you will be entered to win a Free Pair of Gunnar Optiks PPK Glasses! 

We want to celebrate at truly fun and amazing year of Growth for Spazbot Studios! This is our HOLIDAY PARTY! SO COME OUT AND HAVE FUN WITH US! Oh and afterwards, if you want to hang out and play some Heroes of the Storm Matches, we will be doing that with some of our awesome listeners! Thanks for making 2015 such a great year! Come Join us for the Celebration!



Blizzcon 2015 Coverage Will Happen!

Blizzcon Graphic!

If you are a fan of Blizzard Entertainment Games, and believe that we are BIG FANS, then this coming weekend’s festivities are one of the highlights of the year for you! This year Blizzcon will happen November 6th – 7th @ The Anaheim Convention Center and we are mobilizing the SPAZBOTS IN MASSE to conver the event and present some awesome Audio and Video Content for you folks!


Mick Montgomery, Willie “Dills” Gregory and Notch will be attending the conference and doing LIVE Panel at World of Podcasts this year @ 6:30pm PST! Some come and watch that! It’s taking place at the Hilton Hotel across from the Convention Center!

Also, The Guys from Stormcast will record a show LIVE from the FLOOR OF BLIZZCON which will be released by Sunday November 8th!

Expect some LIVE TWEETING as well from the guys about Heroes of the Storm!


Mick Montgomery will also cover all things World of Warcraft, and he will definitely be in attendance at the WELL PLAYED PARTY hosted by the Convert to Raid Guild on Friday, Nov. 6th from 7pm – 11pm!

Fellow Starting Zone Contributors will be on-hand as well including, Jason Lucas & Spencer Downey to check out the Panels and report back! Even some of the Crew for Super Heroic will be attending and helping out with coverage, so expect reports from Darrell Goodwin and David Troy!

A LIVE from the FLOOR OF BLIZZCON Podcast Will be recorded and distributed by Sunday November 8th!

Lastly, Mick Montgomery will do the SPAZBOT SIGNAL from Blizzcon as well, so look out for that on YOUTUBE sometime during the Convention!

You can also expect a BEVY of Content Creators and Fellow Podcasters to do interviews and share their thoughts on BLIZZCON 2015! This should be a REALLY fun event and we hope you enjoy our coverage!


We are excited to announce a brand new project that will be featured on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL! We call it the SPAZBOT SIGNAL! Every week Mick Montgomery will give you a personal VLOG about SPAZBOT STUDIO that let’s you know what came out this week and what is coming up! He will also discuss some off topic stuff as well as let you see what is going on in and around his home base! The Video above is a little TEST PILOT we did just to get the kinks work out

We believe Strongly that YouTube is an incredible place to create and explore, and a weekly VLOG is something we have had in the works for SPAZBOT STUDIOS for Months! Now we are so glad to get it out and make it a reality! If you have not had at chance to FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to your YouTube Channel, please, take the time do that now, so you will always have us in your Queue when a New Vlog hits the Channel!

Stormcast Adds Willie “Dills” Gregory as a Full Time Host!

Dills & Stormcast

Stormcast officially announced that the Regular Hosting Team has expanded! Willie “Dills” Gregory joins the Stormcast Team as a Full Time Co-Host! The announcement came during the live record for episode 59 of Stormcast!

“This is a really exciting time for the Spazbot Studios and for Stormcast,” says Mick Montgomery, Founder of Spazbot Studios. “I have had the pleasure to interview Dills on a number of occassions for both Stormcast and The Starting Zone, and he is just great to work with. So, when the idea came up about him doing Stormcast, we instantly felt it was a good move for the show.”

Willie “Dills” Gregory is of course all too familar with Blizzard Properties and Heroes of the Storm. He is currently the co-host on the most popular World of Warcraft Podcast “The Instance” as well as the most popular Hearthstone Podcast “The Angry Chicken”. He also spent some time hosting “Into the Nexus” a Heroes of the Storm Podcast. He brings a wealth of knowledge about gaming in general, and has become quite the popular streamer on Twitch.TV!

This is yet another big victory for Stormcast in an already impressive 2015. The show is now over a year old having recently passed it’s 50th episode Mile Stone, as well as launching its Patreon Account! Notch and Mick were both invited by Blizzard to both the Heroes of the Dorm Finals and the Launch Event for Heroes of the Storm in Los Angeles. “The Growth of the show since Notch joined the team has just been amazing,” said Mick Montgomery, “Last year at this time, the show was struggling to find an identity and community, and to be honest, I was debating just shutting it down. Once Notch joined the show, he injected this amazing passion for the game. As a producer his energy helped me center in on the show’s over-all approach. Since then we have just continued to work hard to put out good content, and it shows as the listener base has grown of 1000% since the beginning of the year.”

Stormcast hosts Mick Montgomery and Notch head to Las Vegas this weekend to cover the America’s Championshiop for Heroes of the Storm the final step for North American, South American, Australian, and South East Asian teams before the Final at Blizzcon. The entire team will then head to Blizzcon in November where they will appear together on-stage at World of Podcasts part of the Con Before the Storm!

If you are interested in checking out the show make sure you head to Stormcastshow.com and follow our Twitch Channel, so you can check us out when we record the show Live!

Super Heroic Launches July 29th, 2015!

SH Website Banner 2015v2

The time has arrived to debut a BRAND NEW Podcast from Spazbot Studios! SUPER HEROIC, a podcast about Comic Books that Turn into Movies and TV Shows, is ready for its grand reveal. After a TON OF WORK behind the scenes, interviews with guest co-hosts, meetings with composers, and late night calls with graphic designers the TIME has arrived to debut SUPER HEROIC!

Officially SUPER HEROICwill Debut July 29th, 2015! However, rumor has it an episode ZERO will debut a bit earlier than that! Mick Montgomery, Founder of Spazbot Studios, had this to say about the Project and its debut.

“We are very excited to finally bring SUPER HEROIC to Light. This is a labor of love project no doubt about it, and in many ways its the show I most wanted to do under the Spazbot Studios Banner. I think this is an awesome time to be a fan of comic books and a lover of great television and feature films. We want to do a show that talks about this incredible time. SUPER HEROIC is that show.”

SUPER HEROICwill have an innovative format. Each episode should be 10 – 20 minutes long and each week listeners can expect 3 – 4 episodes. Yes, you read that correctly, 3 – 4 episodes a week. And that is not even counting the potential bonus content in the works.

Super Heroic will be available on iTunes and Stitcher as well as where all other awesome podcasts are downloaded and consume. If you want the latest information on the show feel free to visit the website or follow the show on TWITTER!

Super Heroic Show & Podcast Seeks Hosts!

Super Heroic Banner

Do you enjoy a good comic book? Do you enjoy it when that Comic Book is adapted into a Television Show or Feature Film? Are you partial to conversations in which all of those things are discussed? Do you possess what others would refer to as ‘an entertaining personality’? Then maybe you should consider becoming a Host for Super Heroic, a brand new Podcast/Video Show in development at Spazbot Studios!

Super Heroic is a different kind of ‘comic book’ show. The primary focus of the show is to cover Television Programs and Feature films adapted from Comic Books! We would tell you more in this post, but that would ruin the surprise for the audience! If you are interested in being considered for a host, please, send an email to mick@spazbotstudios.com! Include answers to the following questions! If we think you are the right fit we will contact you!

  • What is your favorite Comic Book and why?
  • How long have you been reading Comic Books?
  • What is your favorite Television Show adapted from a Comic Book and why?
  • What is your favorite Feature Film adapted from a Comic Book and why?
  • Who would you cast to play The Punisher in Netflix’s new series?

Please, have fun and be honest about your answers. Also, we’re not necessarily JUST seekig walking/talking Wikipedia’s on comic book lore. Comic Book knowledge is great, and will be a factor, but more so your passion, energy and personality are the most important thing. We are looking for both Men and Women to be hosts on the show because we appreciate different points of view. Also, we are examining permanent co-host positions as well as regular guest host positions. Good Luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Would you Listen to the Super Heroic #Podcast?

Super Heroic Banner

At Spazbot Studios we like to make shows and projects about the stuff we really love. Growing up we REALLY Loved Comic Books! Seriously, we REALLY loved Comic Books. We attacked them with voracious appetities, and would impatiently watch the stands at our favorite comic book store for the latest issues of our favorite books to come out! We also really loved Movies and Television Shows! We spent hours in dark theaters or would stay up late at night to watch our favorite shows!

Hollwyood in their infitine Wisdom has pulled a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup like miracle off! Now Our Comic Books are mixed in with our Films and TV Shows! Yep, some of the VERY BEST stuff out there today on the Big and Small screen are based off comic books! Chances are YOU already know that! So, that’s what Super Heroic is about! We are going to cover Comic Books that are adapted to movies and television shows! We will tell you if we like them. We will tell you how they are different from the books. We’ll analyze the latest trailers and teasers. We will be your one stop source for this growing trend in Entertainment. We will also talk about comic books we are reading right now as well as  some News and Rumors from time to time.

Does this sound like it’s up your Alley? Feel free to VOTE in the POLL below! Based on your feedback we will start putting this baby straight into Production!

Would You Listen To Super Heroics?

The Curtain Closes on Manifesto Show!

SB Manifesto Show Slider Banner v3

It saddens us to report that Manifesto Show is no longer going to happen. This may come as no shock to many of you, as a new episode has not been recorded since November of 2014. “The show was ambitious and creative and wonderful, but in the end, the process to produce weekly originaly hour long stories was just to much given our current schedule,” said Spazbot Founder and Host of Manifesto Show, Mick Montgomery, “Ultimately, this was my show, my creative expression. As I looked at the work I was doing for Manifesto Show, and the work I have been doing for the show since it last aired, I came to the conclusion I would rather just write a book. So, I have been using the time to write a new book, which we hope to release this year.”

Manifesto Show was a re-launch of the Montgomery Manifesto, a Podcast that aired between 2012 and 2013, before it was originally shelves and the re-launched in 2014. Despite some wonderful feedback from listeners the show failed to catch a running start wtih listeners despite a strong push in October 2014. The URL for the show will not be re-newed and in time the iTunes and Stitcher Feeds will be taken down as well. For those of you, who DID download and listen, thank you so much for your support!



The Starting Zone Announces a New Co-Host!



This article was originally posted this morning at thestartingzone.com. Some details have been edited based on podcast release schedules.

After months of searching, after dozens and dozens of submissions, a lot of terrific conversations and recorded podcasts, we are pleased to announce our new co-host for The Starting Zone, Alt from Alternative Chat!

Alt is an incredibly well seasoned World of Warcraft Player for over10 years, 9 of which she spent as a GM for her guild. She mains a hunter, and she has an incredible knowledge about this game both inside and out.

Alt is also a veteran content creator having written the very successful Alternative Chat Blog, as well as hosting her own podcast Azeroth in 5. She is also a co-host of fellow Signals Media All Star Network Podcast, Extended Maintenance!

“We are damn lucky to have her join the show,” said Co-Host and Executive Producer, Mick Montgomery, “She brings a real professional approach to the show along with a real levity and fun that I think is just fantastic for our listeners.”

Alt’s first official podcast with the show recorded on April 6th, 2015, and the response in the chat room as she mad her debut was incredible. That enthusiasm carried throughout social media the following day! The first episode with Alt is up! It is episode 112!

Lastly, to all of you who applied, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your stories, passion and willingness to go along on the jouney with us! Your paricipation is a testament to the fact that there are some incredible people who play this game!