“Dead Fans Talking” Episode 4 Now Available!

This week on Dead Fans Talking we re-cap Episode 10 of Season 4 titled “Inmates”. We talk about the fate of Baby Judith, Carol and Tyrese making us all uncomfortable like, Beth making us sad, and Maggie being a crazy Bus Lady! We also speculate as to who this mystery character Gareth is as well as answer all the comments and questions from all of you Dead Fans Talking! Walkers Beware, it’s Episode 004!

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“Dead Fans Talking” Episode 3 Now Available!

This week on Dead Fans Talking we recap Episode 9 of Season 4 “After”! We talk about Carl and Pudding, Michonne’s backstory as well as the person who deserves all the credit for Walking Dead Season 4’s success, if you believe Robert Kirkman! Walkers beware, this is Dead Fans Talking, Episode 003.


“The Starting Zone” Episode 75 Now Available!

Episode# 074 is now live and available for download. This week We discuss the level 90 boosts and kick off the first of a FOUR PART Helping Hand series designed to help you understand just exactly what you’re supposed to do in a RAID and who should be doing what!

Important Links and Notes:

We reference Icy Veins a LOT in this new Helping Hand Segment, so go check them out!


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“Dead Fans Talking” Episode 2 Now Available!

This week on DEAD FANS TALKING we have ALL our guests in the studio to discuss Season 4 up until this the Mid-Season Finale! We give you our kill shots of the week, and We discuss what Andrew Lincoln meant when he said we were in for more “Psychological Horro” in the back half of Season 4. Walkers Beware! This is Dead Fans Talking.

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“Dead Fans Walking” Episode 1 Now Available!

It is with great pleasure that we debut episode 1 of Dead Fans Talking! We hope you are as excited about this new show devoted to the WALKING DEAD as we are to bring it to you! Please, download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! If you can’t wait then by all means go ahead and listen via the player below!

Join Host Mick Montgomery as he outlines what the show is about, discusses the various segments on the show and gives you the scope on how you can email the show with your comments or questions!

Visit the show at deadfanstalking.com.

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“Dead Fans Talking” Coming Soon!

Dead Fans TalkingPreview3We are excited to announce a brand new SPAZBOT STUDIOS Podcast we like to call, “Dead Fans Talking“! Dead Fans Talking is a show we have been developing for quite some time. This Fan Friendly Podcast about the hit AMC Televisions Series and Image Comic Book is based on the most viewed post on Mick Montgomery’s Montgomery Manifesto Blog, Dead Fan Blogging. “When I started getting so many hits on the blog for the Walking Dead Posts, I thought that there must be something to explore here. People really can’t get enough Walking Dead.”

WALKING DEAD is the type of story that compels fans to endlessly debate, dissect and discuss the show and everything that happens on it and in the comic books. This show will be an homage to that. The show will feature discussions about each episode, news about the Walking Dead, and hopefully a heavy dose of listener feedback.

Joining, Mick Montgomery on the show will be co-hosts Jarret LeMaster, an actor, musician and producer from Los Angeles, and Wendy Mayberry, a talented Stand Up Comedian from Minnesota. Said Mick Montgomery, “I’m incredibly excited to have Wendy and Jarret join me on this show,” They are huge fans, super funny and most importnat, great people.” Dead Fans Talking should be available on iTunes by Feburary 7th, 2014, with episodes to follow weekly. Visit the site deadfanstalking.com for more details in the coming weeks.

Coming Soon!

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