“The Starting Zone” Episode 77 is now available!



Episode# 077 is now live and available for download. This week we tackle news about the Warlords of Draenor Pre-Orders, Potential hints at Blizzcon 2014, The Dev Water Cooler on Healing in W.O.D. and an epic moment where Jesse and Mick lose their mind, all for your enjoyment!

AND we announce the winner of our latest #Poopton Contest!


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Spazbot Launches Twitch Channel & New Show, “Noob-A-Tron”

Spazbot Studios, a New Media Production Company based in Los Angeles, Ca proudly announces a brand new Twitch.Tv Channel! The channel which you can find at www.twitch.tv/spazbotstudios officially launched very quietly last night. With the launch of the Channel came the premier of a brand new Video Game series called NOOB-A-TRON. “We obviously do a lot of gaming content at Spazbot Studios. More and more live streaming is a part of what we do as content creators,” said Mick Montgomery, Executive Producer and Founder of Spazbot Studios, “We had wanted to do another dynamic streaming show, having found success with Live Streaming our Podcast Records. At the same time, we also had been developing an idea for a Video Show called Noob-A-Tron, so it made sense to start both the channel and the show at the same time.”

Noob-A-Tron is billed as a video game show for players at all skill levels. The show presents helpful tips to players unfamiliar with the mechanics of a particular game, “We had so much success with The Starting Zone that it has become our niche to provide helpful and kind advice to the player base. So, that is what we are doing with Noob-A-Tron. Presenting helpful information about different games to players. We hope this will encourage players to try a game they may have been intimidated by. The gaming industry should probably send us a nice basket of muffins or something” Noob-A-Tron  is hosted by Mick Montgomery and debuted last night with two episodes both featuring content from Heroes of the Storm, a brand new video game from Blizzard Development currently in a restricted Alpha Test. “There is a lot of interest right now in Heroes of the Storm content, so it made sense to debut with that game in my estimation. We plan to do more shows about Heroes, but we will also branch off to other games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, etc. We will showcase a lot of fun games. I am really excited to showcase Hearthstone.”

The show marks a return to focus on the Video Production end of Spazbot Studios. With additional Web Series in development, Noob-A-Tron marks the first web project to debut under Spazbot Studios, “We obviously have Angry Life Coach under our belts, but  Noob-A-Tron is the first show to launch since the debut of Spazbot Studios, so we’re excited to get more and more content out there!

Are there other plans for more video shows? Once again, Montgomery, “Yes, of course, right now we have three podcasts in production, now a streaming video show, and there are more on the horizon. The Future is exciting!”

If you would like more information Noob-A-Tron or the new Spazbot Studios Twitch Channel visit the Contact Page on Spazbot Studios website.

“Dead Fans Talking” Episode 9 is now available!

<p style=”text-align: justify;”><a href=”http://www.deadfanstalking.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/DFT-Logo-iTunes-1400×1400.jpg”><img class=”size-medium wp-image-47 aligncenter” alt=”DFT Logo iTunes 1400×1400″ src=”http://www.deadfanstalking.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/DFT-Logo-iTunes-1400×1400-300×300.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ /></a>Episode 9 of Dead Fans Talking is the episode where we learn that Jarret is apparently a 50 year old Spanish Telamundo Narrator, Wendy figured out her Halloween Costume for this year, and Mick names the WORST survivor on the Walking Dead! Also, we talk about season 4 episode 15 entitled ‘US’, who was in that weird painting Michonne found, and last but not least, some awesome Listener Feedback! Walkers Beware, This is Dead Fans Talking!

Dead Fans Talking is a Spazbot Studios Production check out the full roster of shows at spazbotstudios.com.</a></p>

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“Dead Fans Talking” A Walking Dead Podcast Reaches A Milestone!

The Brand new Podcast by Spazbot Studios, Dead Fans Talking: A Walking Dead Podcast, has crossed some important milestones. Despite the fact the show has only put out 8 episodes so far, the show has already garnered an energetic and fun audience of Walking Dead Fans! The proof is in the pudding as the show recently crossed the four figure download mark for the episodes and also received its 100th Follower on Twitter. This may not seem like a lot to other major podcasts but for the first podcast officially produced by Spazbot Studios since the Studio launched in February, it feels good for the team to see that folks are listening.

“We launched with very little fan fare, we do not have the benefit of multi-million dollar marketing, or even a hot kickstarter campaign. The audience for Dead Fans Talking is 100% organically grown,” Said Mick Montgomery, executive producer and co-host, “I think it is a testament to the chemistry between Wendy Mayberry, Jarret LeMaster and myself. We have a lot of fun recording the show and folks are gravitating towards it.”

The show will have its 10th episode the week of the season finale for Walking Dead, but do not worry, the show will carry on, “We have some fun stuff planned. With the end of the television season, we are freed up to do other things besides talk about the show. We have some exciting guests booked, we’ll dig into the comic more, and we will probably go back and re-watch the old episodes and talk about them at length!”

If you would like to listen to the latest episode of the show, head on over to the website at deadfanstalking.com!

“Dead Fans Talking” Episode 8 is now available!

Episode 8 of Dead Fans Talking is up and it is a DOOZY! (Is that how you spell Doozy?) Anyway, the most recent episode of the Podcast was Insane! We discuss whether the show has gone too far! We also chat about a Walking Dead obstacle race called The Walking Dead Escape! And a ton of other news! Enjoy “Of Mice and Lizzy” today! Join hosts Mick Montgomery, Wendy Mayberry and Jarret LeMaster for all the awesome Walking Dead Talk! Dead Fans Talking is a Spazbot Studios Production check out the full roster of shows at spazbotstudios.com.


“Stormcast” Episode 6 is now avaiable!

Episode# 06: The one with the Tech Alpha Announcement and Diablo!




Episode# 06: The one with the Tech Alpha Announcement with NO NDA, a very League of Legends approach to Hero unlocks and our hero breakdown of Diablo.


ROLE CALL (Heroes Breakdown):

  • Diablo (Melee Damage/Brawler)


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“The Starting Zone” Ep 76 is now available!



Episode# 076 is now live and available for download. This week we take a quick break from our Helping Hand series and dive right into the onslaught of Developer Watercoolers including a discussion of Racial changes, Ability Bloat, PVP Diminishing Returns (DR) changes and even a brief discussion of Diablo 3 2.0!

Oh…and we announce A NEW contest. #poopton

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“Dead Fans Talking” Ep 7 is now available!

This week on Episode 7 of Dead Fans Talking, we talk about Maggie getting in touch with her Warrior Side, why Bob is so gosh darn happy all the time, what the heck happened to Beth, and we dazzle you with tales of our experiences with pig ears and pickled eggs, you ain’t gonna find a better dang podcast about the Walking Dead than this here doozy of an episode!

Dead Fans Talking is brought to you by the good folks at Spazbot Studios, “Good Shows by Good People”!


“Dead Fans Talking” Ep 6 Is Now Available!

This week on Dead Fans Talking we talk about Episode 11 “Claimed”! Shocker, I know! We also talk about Mullets, Crazy Cheese, Maggie and Glenn’s Last of the Mohican Love, and Jeff Kober’s uncredited appearance in this latest episode of the Walking Dead! What the heck is happening there? Is that NEGAN?!? WE SPECULATE AS ONLY WALKING DEAD FANS CAN SPECULATE! We also read your feedback and questions about Episode 10! So, now sit back and enjoy Episode 005 “Crazy Cheezy Mullet Love”!

Dead Fans Talking is brought to you by the good folks at Spazbot Studios, “Good Shows by Good People”!

Spazbout Re-Works Montgomery Manifesto!

Spazbot Studios is re-working the personal podcast of its founder and Executive Producer, Mick Montgomery. Montgomery Manifesto Show originally debuted in 2011. Over its duration it included interviews with other Content Creators, News about Technology, Pop Culture News, Content Creation News and segments like “It Came from Netflix” where Montgomery reviewed shows on Netflix. “The show changed so much during its run. All the changes were necessary and good, but in the end the show’s run became somewhat frenetic in its theme. Then this fall, we flipped it into a direction I was not anticipating. When I look at what we did starting at Episode 24 “Curses and Illusions”, that seemed to really be something more interesting to me creatively, and I think the real meat of the show. That will be the new creative direction for the show moving forward.”

Montgomery Manifesto Show will now move into a direction where social topics and current events will be woven into fictional storylines, much like the 7 part Hallowed Tale, “The Fury from Devil’s Lake“, once again, Montgomery, “When we did Fury From Devil’s Lake, the response was really positive. People loved it, because it was different. It was more like an improvised novel than a podcast, and I thought that was really challenging and rewarding to do. Much of what we do on Spazbot is Pop Culture and Geek Friendly. This new style of show appeals that same audience, but in a completely different way.”

The Podcast will re-launch in March, 2014, with new production and a new format. Montgomery will no longer focus on Pop Culture or News items. While the show will feature some insights about Montgomery’s creative work and a brief introduction, it will move into the heart of the show, the Stories. Montgomery acknowledges that moving in this direction is like walking among giants, “There are a lot of folks who do this or have done this for far longer and with far more success, like Garrison Keillor, Spalding Gray and Mike Daisey, and of course thematically Welcome to Nightvale, all of them have been really influential and inspiring. The challenge will be establishing my own voice with my own audience. But I am confident we can do that. The Show is unique, its creative, it’s really one of a kind.”

The Show will have a new website design and the Podcast will Re-Launch on March 17th, with a new episode very 2 weeks. The show will start with a new Pilot episode explaining the changes, and then episode 2 will be Episode 24 of the old show format, and move on from there, with re-releases of all the Fury From Devil’s Lake and a continuation of the Curse Storyline introduced in Episode 24, “We broke off one storyline to do ‘Fury From Devil’s Lake’ so, the NEW episodes will pick up on that storyline and eventually conclude. From there, we will have new stories to tell,”  says Montgomery. As for the Blog, Montgomery is hopeful that it will continue on just as it has, with only a few minor changes. Interviews with other Content Creators, Pop Culture and Tech News previously featured on Montgomery Manifesto Show will most likely move to a brand new show or shows.

If you have a question regarding Montgomery Manifesto Show, please, reach out to Spazbot Studios through the Contact Page on the main website.