We are excited to announce a brand new project that will be featured on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL! We call it the SPAZBOT SIGNAL! Every week Mick Montgomery will give you a personal VLOG about SPAZBOT STUDIO that let’s you know what came out this week and what is coming up! He will also discuss some off topic stuff as well as let you see what is going on in and around his home base! The Video above is a little TEST PILOT we did just to get the kinks work out

We believe Strongly that YouTube is an incredible place to create and explore, and a weekly VLOG is something we have had in the works for SPAZBOT STUDIOS for Months! Now we are so glad to get it out and make it a reality! If you have not had at chance to FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to your YouTube Channel, please, take the time do that now, so you will always have us in your Queue when a New Vlog hits the Channel!

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