Founder, Mick Montgomery has teased a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about Spazbot Studios, and last night during an appearance on Azeroth Round Table, he let the cat out of the bag! Spazbot Studios is launching a BRAND NEW show called THE DAD BEARDS! The will be hosted by Mick Montgomery and Christopher Topham!

Dad Beards was forged out of the idea that there is a LOT of things happening in Nerd and Geek Culture, and we just want to sit down and talk about it. Is the show about Beards? Not specifically. Is the show about Dads? Not specifically. The show is about anything and everything, but more importantly DAD BEARDS is about connection and conversation about the things we are all passionate about. We have opinions, we have questions, and we are going to express and ask them in throughout the 30 minute podcast.

Check out our First Episode!


Q: When can I listen to the show?

A: Our first PILOT episode is down below in this POST, but you can also head here to listen!


Q: When is the show going to be available on iTunes?

A: Soon (not ™). That answer also applies to Stitcher and Google Play.


Q: How can we get updates?

A: Follow us on TWITTER for the latest updates!


Q: Will you talk about Video Games?

A: Yep


Q: Will you talk about my favorite movies like Star Wars and Marvel stuff?

A: Yep


Q: Will you talk about Cosplay?

A: Yep, look…. We’re going to talk about it all, and we’re going to learn a lot about this stuff we are talking about!


Q: What if I want to email you?

A: Email us at


Q: When do you plan on releasing new episodes and on what day?

A: We will start releasing new episodes on Friday May 5th, and plan to have a release with 2 – 3 new episodes, so you can BINGE if you want! After that we plan for a new episode every week.

We are super stoked to do this show, and we hope you are as well!

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