Spazbot Studios Fall 2017 Weekly Podcast Release Schedule!

We are updating our Spazbot Weekly Release Schedule to offer you some clarity on when you can expect new episodes of the shows you love! This year has been a lot of topsy turvey-ness mainly due to Mick Montgomery. Yep, it’s ALL his fault. No seriously, it’s his fault. Mick’s returned to Hosting and Producing duties at Spazbot this year has lead to some delays in getting some shows out in a timely fashion. There were lots of awesome excuses as to why this was the case, but the good news is those excuses have been resolved.

With that being said, the graphic above reflects our current intended Weekly Schedule for Podcast Releases! Subscribe to the twitter or facebook pages for the corresponding shows, so you can be notified when a show may skip a weekly release or decide to release a show late.


The Dad Beards will kick your week off when a Monday release, each and every week! Chris and Mick will provide updates on schedule changes on the Dad Beards Twitter Page!

The Starting Zone’s twitter feed is the best place to get updates on the show! TSZ will shoot to release new episodes on Tuesday evening shortly after they record the full episodes! Feel free to join their live records on TWITCH when they happen!

Finally Super Heroic will wrap up the week bringing you awesome COMIC BOOK, MOVIE AND TV SHOW stuff on Thursdays! Check the show’s Twitter feed for updates on the show! By the way, we recently over-hauled the format to bring you more diverse info on your favorite Comic Book Movies and TV Shows & We also we’re bringing you more Comic Book stuff, for those of you who like Comic Books!

As for Dead Fans Talking, we are currently working out a potential return to cover Season 8 of The Walking Dead! We anticipate that show will release on Wednesdays each week should the show return! We hope it does!

We thank you for your on-going support of our shows! We hope this schedule will get you a better more predictable experience as a Listener! We appreciate you folks, and want to remind you if you ever want to give us feedback feel free to hit up our DISCORD channel! That’s where a lot of fellow Spazbots Gather to get updates on the shows and chat with the hosts.

Lastly, if you have not checked out one of the shows we produce, we highly encourage you to do so! You can find our shows where-ever you get your favorite podcasts, and if you don’t see how show on your favorite podcast catcher, let us know!

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