Enjoy Your Holidays & Happy New Year!

Spazbot Holiday 2015

Howdy Spazbots! We have a had a tremendous year at Spazbot Studios! Wow, so much incredible moments! We had an awesome Holiday Show to close out the year, and we are still putting out new episodes this week from STORMCAST and SUPER HEROIC! However, after our last Podcast Drops in 2015 we are done until the new year! Here is when we will return!

Stormcast will record LIVE 1/5/2015 @ 8pm PST and episode 77 will be released later that week!

The Starting Zone will record LIVE 1/10/2015 @ 9am PST and Episode 142 will make it into the wild later that week!

Super Heroic will record LIVE 1/10/2015 @ 8:30pm PST and new Episodes will be released later that week!

Dead Fans Talking will resume in 2015, but at a still undetermined time frame, but potentially mid-January!

A Very Special Year End SPAZBOT SIGNAL will go up on or YouTube Channel During the Holiday Break and it will be available on all the Podcast Feeds in Audio Format!

As for the GAP, well, we need to rest our engines, spend time with family and friends and just take a break! We also have to make sure the TABLE is set for an awesome 2016! Stand By for more Good Shows by Good People!

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