Dead Fans Talking Episode 41 is now available!

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Episode #41 of Dead Fans Talking: What’s His Name? is ready for Download! Walkers Beware! This is the Walking Dead Podcast FOR FANS BY FANS! If you love the Comic Book created by Robert Kirkman turned into Block Buster AMC Television Series, then this is the show for you! We cover the latest news and rumors about the Walking Dead, reviews of each episode and a ton more fun with Co-hosts, Mick Montgomery, Wendy Maybury and Jarret LeMaster! So sit back Listen back as we talk about people who fight and run from Walkers!

The Obituaries: This week we covered the top news and rumors about The Walking Dead!

  • An Awesome 8-Bit Walking Dead Video was produced by Cinefix! It’s the Walking Dead in he style of a 1980’s NES console game! Just incredible!
  • Rumors abound that the Walking Dead Companion Series will shoot in Toronto!

Post Mortem: This week we  cover Episode 14 of Season 5 of the Walking Dead entitled SPEND! We had a LOT of strong opinions about this show folks!

Dead Fans Talking: We also get into some Listener Questions and Comments! And we gave away another prize to a listener who answered our question from Last Week!

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