#Context, Episode 15 of #DadBeards

Sometimes you just have to talk about the serious stuff. This week we did that on Episode 15 of Dad Beards. We want you to have some context around our decision to discuss #Charlottesville and #Google.

This week we plan to release three episodes of Dad Beards. Episode 14, 15 and 16. Episode 14 and 15 are up right now for download. Episode 16 will be out tomorrow. First, let me apologize to our community for failing to get these episodes out more regularly. Dad Beards is a young show, and as the producer and production manager, it’s my job to get the shows delivered. So, I take responsibility for not getting them out in a normal rotation.

Second, and more importantly. I want to talk about Episode 15 and the topics we discussed. Chris and I are fully aware this episode is very different from the first 14 episodes in that we tackle a few big topics in this episode. The Events around #Charlottesville and Free Speech as it relates to #Google. These are very different topics from what we usually discuss (Video Games, Movies, Fun Stuff). However, as individuals, Fathers and Citizens, we felt these topics were really worth discussing on the show.

Dad Beards is a show about Nerdery, Geekery and other Oddities, but ultimately we created the show knowing it could be a forum for almost anything that we found interesting. The Events of #Charlottesville feel very far away right now. Especially in the light of the current news around Hurricane Harvey. However, we both felt at the time those events on that weekend, were really important, and frankly it was all we could think about for well over a week. So, we talked about it. We talked about our feelings, observations and what we learned about ourselves and our community both big and small because of those the events.

We are both people in the end. We have thoughts. We have opinions. We sometimes need to share. We also recognize that is a two-way street. Despite the fact we have the microphones, you also have a voice in this as well. We understand some of you will not agree with some of the points in our discussion. That is okay. That being said, we want you to know we are open to hearing your thoughts on the show. Hopefully, we can dialogue about it in a productive way.

Here is how you can reach us!

email: dadbeards@gmail.com

twitter: @TheDadBeards

Lastly, Spazbot Studios has always had a slogan. “Good Shows by Good People”, but there’s an unspoken part of that slogan. Good Shows by Good People FOR GOOD PEOPLE. Good people sometimes disagree with one another. Good people can talk to one another about it. We hope we can do that with you.

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