Episode #004: Guadians of the Dungeons and Things!

Episode #004: Guardians of the Dungeons and Things is READY for download! The Dad Beards, a Podcast about Everything you Love about Geek and Nerd Culture! Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Obscure Hobbies, Pop Culture. You Name it We talk about it! This week Mick Montgomery & Chris Topham discuss some Pretty Cool Stuff!

Here’s a Thing!

We wanted to talk about a thing on this week’s show! This week we admit to you Dear Listner the gaping hole in our Nerd Resume, and it just might shock you to death!

We Did a Thing!

This week we actually did a thing! That thing is going to see the Guadians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Picture Show! Did we eat popcorn while we watched or pot brownies? Find out on this episode!

Try This Thing!

Chris thinks you should check out this thing. It’s the latest Patch for the Video Game Stellaris!

Mick thinks you should check out this thing. It’s  a news story about how Palentologists unearthed a Terror Dog from Ghostbusters!

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