Blizzcon 2015 Coverage Will Happen!

Blizzcon Graphic!

If you are a fan of Blizzard Entertainment Games, and believe that we are BIG FANS, then this coming weekend’s festivities are one of the highlights of the year for you! This year Blizzcon will happen November 6th – 7th @ The Anaheim Convention Center and we are mobilizing the SPAZBOTS IN MASSE to conver the event and present some awesome Audio and Video Content for you folks!


Mick Montgomery, Willie “Dills” Gregory and Notch will be attending the conference and doing LIVE Panel at World of Podcasts this year @ 6:30pm PST! Some come and watch that! It’s taking place at the Hilton Hotel across from the Convention Center!

Also, The Guys from Stormcast will record a show LIVE from the FLOOR OF BLIZZCON which will be released by Sunday November 8th!

Expect some LIVE TWEETING as well from the guys about Heroes of the Storm!


Mick Montgomery will also cover all things World of Warcraft, and he will definitely be in attendance at the WELL PLAYED PARTY hosted by the Convert to Raid Guild on Friday, Nov. 6th from 7pm – 11pm!

Fellow Starting Zone Contributors will be on-hand as well including, Jason Lucas & Spencer Downey to check out the Panels and report back! Even some of the Crew for Super Heroic will be attending and helping out with coverage, so expect reports from Darrell Goodwin and David Troy!

A LIVE from the FLOOR OF BLIZZCON Podcast Will be recorded and distributed by Sunday November 8th!

Lastly, Mick Montgomery will do the SPAZBOT SIGNAL from Blizzcon as well, so look out for that on YOUTUBE sometime during the Convention!

You can also expect a BEVY of Content Creators and Fellow Podcasters to do interviews and share their thoughts on BLIZZCON 2015! This should be a REALLY fun event and we hope you enjoy our coverage!

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