We get asked this question a lot, “How can I be on one of your shows!” First off, we are always honored that someone enjoys our shows enough to want to make an appearance. So, a few things you should know. First, we try to keep shows to  2 – 3 personalities. We feel anything over three people on a show is difficult to produce. Second, we do book guest appearances based on how relevant the individual is to the show. Third, all our shows currently record between the hours of 8:30pm and 10:30pm Pacific Standard Time! If you interested in booking an appearance on our shows, here is what you need to do! Go to the Contact Page and fill out our Contact form, include the following information about yourself!

  • Full Name and your Alias
  • Preferred Email Address
  • Skype Handle
  • Twitter Handle
  • URL for your website or show
  • Expertise as it relates to the show you wish to appear on.
  • Links (if you have them) to appearances on other podcasts if you aren’t a streamer, youtuber or podcaster.
  • (optional) For those of you without any Podcast, Video or Streaming experience, please send us a MP3 and tell us why you want to do the show. This helps us hear your voice and get to know you better.


Most of our Hosts or Performers have their own websites, twitter accounts, etc. There you can reach out to them directly and book them for a gig. Spazbot Studios is not a Talent or Booking Agency. However, we can help you get in contact with someone on one of our shows. Simply use the contact form on the Contact Page to reach out to us.